Topic Trip

We have been learning about writing newspaper articles. Craig and I have written this article about our trip to the Science Centre and Tall Ship. TOPIC TRIP

Endangered sharks

I have chosen this global issue because I really like sharks. My favourite shark is the great hammerhead. Here are the names of some endangered sharks: 1) Angel shark 2) Great white shark 3) New guinea river shark 4) Ganges shark   5) Dagger nose shark 6) Great hammerhead 7) Broadfin shark 8) Irrawaddy river […]


Poaching. Doesn’t sound nice, does it? And it’s not a nice thing either. In 2012 668 rhinos were poached for their horns. Some people believed that rhino’s horn were useful for medicine when really they were as useless as chewing your own finger nails. Adult’s elephants with the biggest tusks were poached putting the leaders […]

Endangered turtles

          Turtles sometimes swim into nets but sometimes they escape from the nets. The green sea turtle is an endangered species. Ther numbers have decreased in the past 50 years. Their meat and eggs are highly prised and eaten in some countries; they can drown when they get caught in fishing nets or die […]